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Visiting & Leave

No child is permitted to meet parents or any other visitor during class hours. Parents and/or authorized guardians are allowed to meet the children and/or to take the children out of the school campus between 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. only on Sundays/Parents’ Outing, holidays and other scheduled days as detailed in the CALENDAR OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR, subject to conditions prescribed by the Principal. Authority of a guardian is accepted only.
  • if he/she possesses a letter of authority issued and signed by the parent who signs the admission form of the child.
  • if the guardian's signature on the letter of authority is attested/verified by the parent who signs the admission form of the child.
  • Prior permission from the Principal/Vice Principal is sought.
  • The Principal may use his discretionary powers at will regarding the above.

Children are not allowed to go out of the school campus with parents/authorized guardians for over-night stay except on the days mentioned in the CALENDAR OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR. Parents and visitors on arrival must come to the school office first and then meet the Boarding Superintendent /Hostel Warden/concerned Matron. Direct entry into the hostel or classroom is not allowed. No leave to go home during the term will be granted except in very special circumstances. Leave for attending marriages of cousins or relatives will not be granted. Leave upto a maximum of three days (excluding journey period) will be permissible for attending real brother's or sister's marriage. Parents will save embarrassment to the Principal and disappointment to themselves by not asking for exemption to the rules regarding visiting and leave. Principal has every right to admit or reject any application for leave without assigning any reasons.

Children who do not confirm to school regulations and discipline will be dealt with very strictly/expelled from the school. Late comers among boarders will be fined Rs. 1000=00 per day or a part of a day of late arrival after permitted holidays. In addition, outings and/or pocket money may also be stopped. Day scholars coming late to the school (including assembly) or absenting from the school without leave application not signed by the parent or authorized guardian, will be fined Rs. 10=00 for each day/part of the day of absence. Application for sick leave for more than two days must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate. The Principal has every right to admit or reject any application without assigning any reasons. Intentional and wilful damages to the school property will be charged in the monthly bills at the cost of replacements or repairs. A child found guilty of misbehaviour with any member of the school staff or misconduct in or outside the school will be required to leave the school and sent home under the charge of a guardian/escort at the expenses of the parents or guardian. No remission in fees on this account will be permitted. Boarders are not permitted to keep any tuck (eatables) with them in the school except as prescribed. Boarders are not permitted to keep any cash or jewellery or other costly articles with them, nor are they permitted to have account with any member of the staff or with any outsider. They must follow rigidly the old adage: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be!". Parents should send all money to the school. A money order addressed to the child will be received and the proceeds credited to the child's account in the school. A boarder found keeping cash with him/her may be expelled from the school and sent home at parents' cost, risk, responsibility and inconvenience. Bed wetters are not accepted. Parents will be asked to withdraw the child if he/she is found wetting the bed, even after admission has been granted. A child who fails twice in the same class will have to leave the school. A child who fails in ICSE/ISC Examination will have to leave the school.

All correspondence regarding all school matters must be addressed to the Principal and not to any member of the school staff. The boarders write to the parents once in a fortnight. All correspondence to and from the students may be censored by school authorities.

Birthday Parties
Birthday parties are arranged only on the specific written request of parents and at their own expenses. Maximum limit for expenditure – Rs 1200/-

While every precaution is taken to ensure safety of the children, the school will not be liable for any damages/charges on account of accident in which children may be involved at any time during their stay in school while playing or taking part in sports, trekking, hiking, excursions or other activities. All expenses that may be incurred for medical aid will be borne by the parents.

School Outfit

    School grey trousers for boys and grey skirt, trousers for girls. White full sleeve shirt for boys and white full sleeve shirt for girls. School grey jersey for boys/School blue jersey for girls. Navy blue blazer with school pocket for boys and girls. School neck tie for boys and girls. School grey socks for boys/School blue socks for girls. Black shoes with laces for boys/Black buckled shoes for girls. Grey under turban for all Sikh boys & grey turban for Sikh boys of classes VII to XII. School badge. School belt. (Change in colour of the under turban will be accepted only on the written request of the parent).

    • 2     House colour sports shirts for students of classes IV to XII
    • 3     School jerseys
    • 1     School neck tie
    • 1     School pocket for blazer
    • 2     School badges
    • 1     School belt
    • 1     Blanket
    • 1     Overcoat
    • 3     Track suits for students of classes K.G to XII

    Prescribed clothes for wearing after classes and on Sundays and holidays during the academic year.

    • 2               School blue blazers – surge - 889
    • 8               White terry-cot full sleeve shirts for boys/full sleeve white shirt for girls
    • 3               School grey woollen trousers for boys/divided skirts for girls – O.C.M. - 889
    • 3               School grey terry-cot trousers for boys/divided skirts for girls
    • 2               Grey woollen trousers for girls (during Winter only)
    • 2               White trousers/divided skirt
    • 3               Grey/Blue full sleeve jerseys
    • 4 pairs        School grey socks for boys
    • 4 pairs        School blue socks for girls
    • 1 pair         White socks
    • 2 pairs        Black leather shoes for boys/buckled shoes for girls
    • 1 pair         White plain canvas shoes
    • 6               School grey under turbans (if needed)
    • 4 meters     School blue ribbon for girls or blue grip/hair band.
    • 1               Soiled linen bag (for keeping dirty clothes for washing)
    • 4 sets        Sleeping suits
    • 1               Dressing gown/night gown (optional)
    • 8               Cotton Vests
    • 3               Woollen Vests
    • 8               Underwears
    • 8 sets        Undergarments for girls
    • 2 pairs       Grey/Sky Blue Stockings for girls
    • 1               Muffler
    • 1 pair         Gloves
    • 12             Handkerchiefs
    • 4               Bath towels
    • 1               Quilt
    • 2               Quilt Covers (bleached white)
    • 1               Pillow
    • 4               White bed sheets
    • 4               Pillowcases
    • 1 pair         Gumboots
    • 1               Raincoat with hood/cap
    • 1               Umbrella (optional)
    • 1 pair         Bath slippers
    • 1 pair         Sports Shoes
    • 1               Attache Case/trunk with lock
    • 1               Hold-all (optional)
    • 2               Small lock for cupboard/locker
    Sundries such as mug, tooth brush, clothes brush, shoe brush, tooth paste, shoe polish, soap case, bath soap, comb/hair brush, cold cream/vaseline, hair oil, nail cutter, spare shoe laces, hockey stick, etc., are available in the school at all times, and can either be purchased from the school or can be brought from home. Parents are requested to bring all articles marked with name of the child. They must use waterproof ink for this purpose. A list of all items, in triplicate, must be submitted.

    After winter vacation, when the parents leave the children in the school, they must essentially ensure that their children's clothes fit them well and are marked with name and school number with waterproof ink. Ill fitting or short sized or torn or damaged or worn out clothes will not be accepted.

    Additional clothes such as white shirts, white trousers, white skirts, etc., if and when required by the children for any school activity, will be stitched in the school at parents' cost. The boarding staff looks after the school outfit and sundries of all the children and as far as possible prevents losses, but the school will not be responsible for losses of any kind.


    • Approved shades of navy blue : OCM - Varsity / Modella 611 / Dhariwal J-32 / Lal Imli BC-95
    • Specification : plain, single breast, with school pocket (monogram), two school brass buttons in front and patch pockets.
    TROUSERS / SKIRTS (Use of grey terry-cot trousers and skirts will be permitted only during the months of May, June, July and August).
    • Approved shades of grey : Worsted cloth : OCM 889S
      Terry-cot : OCM 111B / Binny's Marlbrough DC186

    • Specification : With loops for belt, one pleat on each side maximum width upto 25cms., depending on height and without patch pockets and flares (Jeans, Baggies and Drain Pipe are not allowed.)

    SKIRTS Divided, with broad pleats, loops for belts and with minimum length upto knees.

    JERSEY Machine knitted, with raglan sleeves and without any pattern, V neck.

    WHITE SHIRT With full sleeves, plain cuffs, plain short tie collar having pointed tips and without flaps on the pocket and shoulder lapels.

    FOOTWEAR Black leather shoes/buckled shoes with crepe/rubber sole. Shoes with any pattern/design, pointed toes, elevators and high heels will not be allowed.

    Recommended for boys - Bata Naughty Boy / Bata Cadet / Super Stride / Ambassador (Plain) with laces.

    For girls - Bata Annisa / Ballerina.

    HAIR CUT Boy's hair to be cut short and not covering ears, eyes and neck in any way.

    Girls (if needed) upto shoulders and not covering forehead and eyes in any way. Hair will have to be tied with sky blue coloured ribbon/ or blue rubber band.




    Telephone No : (0135) 2631529, 2633529 Fax No : (0135)2632529
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